There are four choices for anyone wanting to either write their own energy management or billing software:

  1. Utilize the free portion of the EZ Meter Power Suite and access the meter readings already in the SQLite database. Either use the scheduled readings already provided, or call the meter reading server with a TCP socket, pass it the unit name and a code for what you want and it will reply with the value.
  2. Use the 38 Zeros CloudLogger product and the values from their server in the cloud. They sell a cellular modem that communicates with the meters and uploads the data to the cloud on a preset schedule that you choose.
  3. Write your own Modbus code to read the meters. Modbus is the most common industrial control protocol and has be around since the 1980’s.
  4. Write your own EZ Plus code. EZ Plus is a well-documented, proprietary protocol for reading the meters. The host sends a binary stream of characters and gets back a binary stream that must be decoded to get the values requested. One command will return KWH for all elements and another command get volts, amps, watts, power factor, hertz, and polarity for the element specified.

Contact the sales office (805) 688-9696 for the documentation you will need. Sample code written in Xojo is available that shows how the messages are constructed and the data parsed from the replies. Of particular interest for developers is the creation and verification of checksums (EZ Plus) and CRC (Modbus).