Each EZMeter is covered by a limited five year warranty. The warranty covers defects in manufacturing. It does not cover lightning strikes, electrical surges, floods and other natural disasters. It also does not cover physical abuse. That said, we can usually repair a submeter that has suffered an over voltage (but not a lightning strike that burns the traces off the circuit board) for a nominal cost. Submerging a submeter in water while powered up is likely to be fatal, but if power is turned off first and it is promptly dried before it corrodes, it will probably continue to function. Click here for a copy of the warranty along with our terms and conditions.

Very infrequently, a submeter will lose its accuracy. If it does, we will replace it. More frequently, it is either an installation problem (Yes, you have to follow the instructions when installing one. You can do it wrong and it will still appear to work.) or simply percieved to be wrong. We will test any submeter you send to us against our standard, but we may charge you for the half hour of technician’s time to do so if it is OK. See the trouble shooting guide in the manual before sending it back.