EZ Meter Technologies is proud to introduce the only one of its kind, our 2-in-1 Dual Output 120/240 volt Electric KWH Sub-Meter! This meter is capable of taking two 3-wire 120/240 electric services and outputting their individual consumption, essentially allowing one meter the ability to monitor two sources. All of our 2 in 1 meters come with either 50ms pulse outputs or and RS-485 serial port. This meter can also be used on three-phase electric systems where both units (apartments or marina slips) use the same two hot legs.This is perfect for marina or RV park environments where one pedestal will supply power to two slips/spots, or any location where space is an issue. The ability to monitor two applications with one meter not only saves space, but the savings per point are about 40%! Save space? Save Money? What more can you ask for?

Short Spec- Model A4231/3-46G
120 VAC line to neutral
208 or 240 VAC line to line
200 amps max each leg
1.0 KWH resolution
(4) JD6W Solid core current transformers, 0.7″ ID
(2) 4921/0 Electromechanical display counters
NEMA 4X Exterior enclosure with solid cover

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Dual Output MeterDual output meter

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