The dual 2-wire meter is identical to the dual 3-wire meter, except that it only comes with two current transformers (CTs) instead of four. It is actually a very versatile meter because it can be wired for one 3-wire service or two 2-wire services. Of course, adding two additional CTs will let it be used for two 3-wire services.

The meter can be used on a single phase service or any two hot wires of a three phase service.

Take a look at the installation diagrams to see how it can be wired.

Short Spec- Model A4231/3-26G
120 VAC line to neutral
208 or 240 VAC line to line
200 amps max each leg
1.0 KWH resolution
2 JD6W Solid core current transformers, 0.7″ ID
2 4921/0 Electromechanical display counters
NEMA 4X Exterior enclosure with solid cover

Full spec sheet

Dual Output MeterDual output meter

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