Submetering an office building or commercial building is very similar to an apartment building except that the power is usually a 4-wire, 3-phase wye or delta. In wye configuration, the voltage between each hot leg and neutral is the same. In delta configuration, the voltage is the same for two of the legs, but the third leg is significantly more, usually the same as the line to line voltage between any two legs.

Many small office and commercial buildings without individual utility company meters apportion the electric bill by square footage. Depending on the types of businesses, this may be very inequitable and lead to hard feelings amongst the tenants. Installing submeters is an equitable remedy and usually results in lower consumption of power by everyone. Having to pay for the power you use is a big incentive to conserve.

If you need power quality monitoring please see our EZ Cube meters, as the IP versions are fully capable of providing time of use, demand, and harmonics. (can we put the EZ Cube 350 and 400 info here?) These auto ranging meters are easy to install and can integrate into any Modbus capable software platform. They are UL Listed, and tested to ANSI C12.20. Please contact us if you need any specific spec sheets or info.

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