Davidge Controls is pleased to offer a complete new line of electric submeters. While the EZMeter line of submeters provides a cost-effective way to collect kilowatt hour usage, the new EZCube meters are aimed at the high-end energy systems. All models offer an isolated pulse out as well as either Modbus via RS-485 or an ethernet port. The ethernet version has a built in web server for configuring the meter and displaying the data. It also has two isolated inputs for counting pulses from nearby water or gas meters.

The new product line is available in a panel-mount version (EZCube) and DIN-rail version (EZRail). There is also a modular system that features one communication module and up to ten metering modules. This system can handle up to ten three phase services or up to thirty individual circuits.

The EZCube line of products are manufactured in Great Britain by Northern Designs and rebranded by Davidge Controls. All models are UL recognized in the United States. See the EZCube Meters page for more info. Anyone needing reactive power, apparent power, distortion, harmonics, or peak demand is encouraged to compare the EZCube against the best offerings from EMon, Veris, Leviton, Honeywell or any other provider.