The EZ Meter was originally designed to be mounted in power pedestals on the docks at recreational boat marinas and was originally sold without enclosures. We now offer a growing line of enclosures for both indoor and outdoor use. Any EZ Meter can be mounted in these enclosures.

Counter Mounting Plate

The stainless steel mounting plate makes it easy to install the counter in an enclosure you provide. Just drill an inch and a half hole in the cover, snap the counter in the plate, put the counter through the hole, and drill four holes for #6 screws or pop rivets.

NEMA4X Enclosure

Four different sizes of plastic NEMA4X enclosures that hold from one to 12 sub-meters are available. Each size can be ordered in interior (clear door) or exterior (solid door) versions. The only difference between the interior and exterior versions is the type of plastic, the exterior version being UV resistant. These enclosures are usually mounted on a wall next to a breaker panel and the current transformers (CTs) are mounted in the breaker panel. There is adequate room in most enclosure for the CTs to be mounted inside, but consult the factory sales office to be sure. There is also room inside for battery powered radios that are part of a data collection system.

Each enclosure comes with a plastic panel that holds the submeter and display. A screw is used to secure the cover on the smallest enclosure; a padlock secures the cover on the larger ones. The NEMA4X enclosures have be UL Listed that contain only submeters that are 120 volts to neutral carry the CSA mark valid for the United States and Canada. CSA International has certified these submeters after they were tested against the UL/CSA/IEC 61010-1 standard.

  • The 6″ x 6″ x 4″ enclosure holds one or two submeters.
  • The 12″ x 7″ enclosure holds up to 4 submeters.
  • The 13″ x 13″ version holds up to 8 submeters.
  • The 19″ x 15″ version hold up to 12 submeters.

Some panels are custom made for each job and takes about two weeks for us to receive. Call for a quote on price and delivery.