You will need a neutral unless it is a meter specifically designed not to use a neutral

Warranty excludes natural disasters, acts of God and improper wiring

The meters are calibrated for specific CT’s to work with each specific meter

Multiple wires can go through the same CT as long as they are run parallel

  • The combined total current can not exceed what the meter is calibrated to handle
  • Multiple CT’s can be used as long as they are connected meter terminal to the same phase CT’s used elsewhere

Do not remove CT wires from the meter without shorting the wires

Counter wires can be extended to a total length of 4 feet

Line #1 and CT#1 must always be used to power the meter

Standard allows an error of up to 1%

California and Maryland are states that regulate for revenue billing. Davidge Controls is certified in California, but not Maryland for revenue grade billing. Please see: (put a copy up on the website with a link here)

Please see: For any questions relating to the validity of CSA as a testing lab

Please see: for Davidge Controls Certificate of Compliance to UL 61010-1

Typically associated with a bad neutral. Check the connection from the neutral wire to the meter and make sure it is solidly connected

The counter wires are arcing, causing the meter to count at an unusually high rate

You really are using that much electricity, common energy hogs are space heaters, after market air conditioners, pumps, and generators