The Power Suite is a package of three programs for managing electric usage monitored by EZ Meter Plus or Modbus meters. The free Lite version of the suite allows the user to set up the system, monitor power usage and print a variety of reports. The paid version adds a billing feature and a web server that allows other users on the network (or internet) to manage the meters and view reports and graphs of power usage. Both versions use a Windows service that runs in the background and reads the meters automatically according to a schedule stored in a database.

The suite is in the final stages of development and Beta test versions are now available. Beta testers who provide feedback of their experience with the program will receive a lifetime license to use the program without cost. Follow the link in the Quick Start Guide to download the latest version.

Several software companies offer software that can read EZMeters for either energy management or billing purposes.

Company Purpose Protocol
EZE Systems Billing and Energy Management Modbus
Submeter Solutions Billing Pulse
Vennexs Billing and Energy Management Modbus
Modbus Scanner Modbus Utility Modbus
EZMeter Power Suite Power management, Billing, Web access Modbus