EZ Power Suite consists of three programs plus an SQLite database:

  1. EZ Server. A program that usually runs in the background as a Windows service and reads the meters and logs the data in the database. The other programs in the suite are used to setup the database and tell the server when to read which meters.
  2. EZMeter Access. A desktop application that runs on Windows that handles setting up the database and reporting power consumption. There is also a billing feature with powerful tariff features that allow different type of billing including time of use.
  3. EZMeter Power Watch is a web server that allows users to access most of the data available on the EZMeter Access desktop using their web browser. Normally run on a local area network, the program can be exposed to the internet by properly configuring the network’s router.

The Power Watch web server and billing features of EZMeter Access require a payment of US$100 per year after the first 90 day trial. The rest of the program is free.


  • Windows 7 or later
  • Internet access (for setup and verification of paid status)
  • EZMeter or EZCube meters with the optional Modbus capability
  • USB to RS-485 adapter or Ethernet to RS-485 adapter(s) or some type of serial radio link

The QuickStart Guide contains a link to register and download the program. Program contains detailed help that explains how the system works.

Click here for a complete description of the program including screen shot. Its a 30 MB pdf file. Please be patient.