EZ Meter products are low cost watthour meters that are ideal when accurate measurement of kilowatt hours (kwh) is the goal. Whether the goal involves billing a tenant or simple monitoring of power usage, an EZ Meter is often the best value. EZ Meters are true revenue-grade submeters and not to be confused with inexpensive meters that assume a constant voltage and phase angle.

The EZ Meter line includes meters that are manually read as well as computer-readable models. All models are available with a digital display of kwh. Computer readable models either generate pulses with a dry contact closure that can be read by a variety of data loggers and specialised pulse counting systems, or they have a serial interface for connection to a computer. The RS-485 serial network will handle over 200 meters can can consist of direct wiring, ethernet or radio.

EZ Meter Technologies offers a number of enclosures that can handle up to 12 meters. Both solid-core and split-core current transformers are available to handle current loads up to 2000 amp