The EZMeter Reader software package is a free program for reading the EZ Plus series of meters, both the older power-line and twisted-pair meters as well as the newer RS-485 meters. For tenant billing, the program will also import data from an Inovonics TapWatch data collection system.  The program is no longer supported, but is available on the website for anyone who would like to try it.

Tenant Billing

The program can be used with the automatic reading system meters for totally automated billing or it can be used with manually read meters to prepare invoices. Multiple rates can be entered and applied separately to individual tenants. The rates can include minimum charges, a fixed fee, and different rates based on the number of kilowatt hours used. The program also supports a single fixed charge for each tenant, usually rent. The program does not handle time of use billing or demand billing.

Data Logging

The program can be configured to read the meters on whatever schedule the user desires with the data logged in the database. There are some reports built into the program plus the user can export the data to Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet program. One feature allows you to set a schedule for reading the meters and a separate utility program will read them without any user input. The utility program runs in the background as a Windows service. Alternatively, you can use Windows Scheduler to read whatever meters you select on any time schedule that you can configure Scheduler to do.

Demo Version

A sample site is included in the program. The site has three live meters connected to the internet. Program users can read the meters, view the data logs, prepare and print invoices for the power used. The only feature not implemented is the scheduled meter reading. A word of warning: only one user can read the meters at a time, so if you don’t get a good reading the first time, try again a few seconds later. Select Sample Site from the File menu.

System Requirements

EZMeter Reader requires Windows XP or newer. Vista, Windows 7 and 8 all have a firewall that may block communication with the meters. To solve this problem, add the EZMeterReadIt program to the Outbound Rules in the Windows Firewall. The program has not be tested under Vista or Windows 10.