2013HawaiiEnergyLogoHaving taken the necessary steps/class to be an approved Hawaii Energy Ally, EZ Meter is proud to say our meters are approved for the rebate program thru Hawaii Energy.  Landlords, property managers, or energy engineers can now use EZ Meter products to get up to $150 rebate per apartment.  If you can use our 2 in 1 meter, which cost $125 per apartment you are essentially only paying for installation!  Nothing on the market is more affordable or makes more sense than that!  Study after study has proven that making tenants responsible for their electrical consumption leads to reduced energy use/waste, which is why this program exist.  Do the responsible thing for the environment and your bottom line, pass the electric bill onto the tenant and watch the overall consumption plummet.

 If you have any other questions regarding the submetering of an apartment, facility, or residential application, please do not hesitate to contact Ryan at 805-688-9696 or email ryan [at] ezmeter.com.