EZ Cube is a true Energy Management Meter, with the ability to interface with whatever software or data logging system on the market, its limitation is your imagination…

LCD Display

Single line with status lights or full screen with volts, amps, etc.

Up to 3000 Amps

Split-core current transformers or Rogowski coils handle up to 3000 amps.


One meter for 120V single phase up to 4 wire 277/480V or 3 wire 480V and everything in between.

Modbus or Ethernet plus Isolated Pulse Output

Automatic meter reading through industry standard Modbus RTU via RS-485 or direct ethernet connection. Ethernet version can download data directly to an energy management system or users can access the built in web server for real time data.

Monitor Water and Gas Meters

Ethernet models are capable of counting pulses that come from a nearby water or gas meter and include the totals along with the electric data.

Panel Mount, DIN Rail mount and MultiCube versions

The MultiCube has a central communication module plus up to ten metering modules, each handling a single three phase service or three single phase circuits.