EMO Tech has purchased the EZ Meter product line from Davidge Controls effectively immediately…What does this mean for you?  Nothing really!  We are making this transition absolutely seamless to your clients.  This is nothing more than a restructuring of the company.  Ryan is still running things, Dean will have more time to work on his software and we brought a finance guy to the team.  Meet Josh Kindervater –

I bring over ten years of relevant experience in various environments, ranging from startups to mature, global companies. For the past 8 years as Sr. Director of Global Financial Operations at Estalea, I worked with and supervised multiple startups on three continents, supervising/developing a range of initiatives including international financial Management, modeling, forecasting, global compliance, and multi-currency financial planning. I have lead all finance initiatives for Impact Radius, growing it from a small startup in 2007, to a global company with offices and customers around the world. This experience required prioritization and management of numerous ventures and their teams simultaneously, and taught me how to refine operational vision while expanding market growth.

Through these ventures, strategic thinking, the team of people I have managed, coupled with a focus on process, control, and communication has resulted in efficiency, growth, and success. The critical ability to understand the complex layers of a businesses and how they interrelate is a goal I focus on to ensure constant incremental operational improvement. An intricate understanding of finance’s role in strategic relationships enables me to effectively articulate the overall needs of the business to both senior executives and the board of directors. In my time with Estalea we took 6 new companies to market, establishing $625M of shareholder value. I am proud of these successes and think they would immediately impact the company as it continues to grow and prosper.


We are excited for this announcement and hopefully we have everything up and running on the website shortly.  Thank you for your patience as we make this transition…which is hopefully not messing with anybody too much.