Even if a submeter is connected to an automatic meter reading (AMR) system, an electromechanical display counter should be part of the system. Three different counters are available, two sealed units suitable for use in a marina or RV park come with resolution of either 1.0 kwh or 0.1 kwh, the difference being that one has a single red digit to indicate tenths. There is also an unsealed unit (for indoor use, originally intended for slot machines) with resolution of 0.1 kwh.

Note that these counters do not work below 14°F (-10°C) so a light bulb or other source of heat must be furnished outside in cold areas. The alternative is to use an AMR system that is not affected by the cold.

Any LCD pulse counter that will register a 50ms, 12 volt pulse can also be used with any EZMeter. The submeter is not capable of providing power for the display other than to increment the counter. Sources of these displays can be found on the internet.