Different agencies and companies have certified EZ Meters for accuracy and safety. Most of the meters carry a UL recognized component mark. High voltage meters (480 volts, three wire wye) with pulse or serial outputs do not meet the UL 916 standard’s spacing requirements that are perfectly fine for the lower voltage meters.

The UL recognized component mark is also valid for Canada. From a safety perspective the meters are accepted by Canada.

California and Hawaii have both certified EZ Meters for revenue billing in their state. In Hawaii EZ Meter is approved for the Hawaii Energy Rebate program.

EZMeter Technolofies is a part of the NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) 5ESM working group developing new standards specifically for electric sub-meters. This group is actively working to present specific standards for the sub-metering industry to UL, ANSI, and other organization that gives credits or rebates for responsible energy management practices.

ANSI C12.2 is widely used as the accuracy standard of choice by power companies for Utility meters; however, it is specifically written for Utility meters and does not account for sub-meters. Because of this no sub-meter manufacture can correctly say they are ANSI C12.2 certified, what they can say is that they meet or exceed the accuracy standards set forth by ANSI C12.2. EZ Meter and EZ Cube have both been tested to these standards and meet or exceed ANSI C12.2. A big part of the NEMA Association Group 5ESM is to provide industry specific regulations to standardize the industry, EZ Meter Technologies is helping to shape this language and will meet all industry required specs for approval upon completion.