EZ Meter to attend NAA in San Fransisco

Ryan will be making the long trek to San Francisco next week to attend the annual National Apartment Association (NAA)!  If you are in the area or attending the show and want to talk to him please email to schedule a time.  He is arriving on Wed night, attending the show all day Thursday […]

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Getting Demand from the EZCube IP Meter

The demand functions built into the EZCube meters are instantaneous demand rather that the fifteen minute demand period usually used in the United States and Canada. Anyone familiar with Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet program should have no problem getting the peak demand period for any month or other period. The EZCube meters […]

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      EZ Meter Electric KWH Sub Meters are now a Hawaii Energy Ally

 Having taken the necessary steps/class to be an approved Hawaii Energy Ally, EZ Meter is proud to say our meters are approved for the rebate program thru Hawaii Energy.  Landlords, property managers, or energy engineers can now use EZ Meter products to get up to $150 rebate per apartment.  If you can use our […]

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Benefits of Monitoring Motors

Monitoring motor production in HVAC units, air chillers, air compressors, wind turbines or

anything generated by a motor is the easiest way to reduce energy consumption. The EPA did

a Best Management Practices for Colleges and Universities study utilizing sub-

meters to monitor and manage energy consumption and the ROI on any one project was a

year or […]

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Hawaii Buildings, Facilities, and Property Management EXPO

We are excited to announce and promote that we will be exhibiting at the 2016 Hawaii Buildings, Facilities, and Property Management Expo on March 9th and 10th!  Come by and say hi.  We will be exhibiting some cool new features to our meters, including a demo on a wireless water and electric meter combo […]

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Power Suite now supports EZ Cube meters.

The recently released version of EZ Meter Power Suite now supports the EZ Cube line of power meters. While kvah and kvarh are supported, support for harmonics will have to wait for another update.

The Power Suite reads EZ Meter and EZ Cube meters that support Modbus on a user defined schedule. While the meters […]

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NEW PRODUCT – EZCube Power Quality Meters

Davidge Controls is pleased to offer a complete new line of electric submeters. While the EZMeter line of submeters provides a cost-effective way to collect kilowatt hour usage, the new EZCube meters are aimed at the high-end energy systems. All models offer an isolated pulse out as well as either Modbus via RS-485 or […]

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UL Recognition for Meters

Most models of EZMeters now carry the UL Recognized Component mark. This mark is the customer’s assurance that the meters meet UL’s standard for fire and electrical safety. Recognized in the United States and Canada by OSHA and local building inspectors, the mark applies to all 120 volt to neutral meters as well as […]

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Dual 3-Wire Meter Released

Davidge Controls is exited to offer a new version of its popular EZ Meter. Designed with recreational marinas in mind, the Dual Meter is also a good choice for apartment buildings, condos and anywhere two 120/240 volt electric services need to be monitored. For little more than the cost of a single meter, the […]

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