Watt Hour Meters for Submetering

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Check out the new EZCube meters

EZ to Read
No dials rotating in different directions. No complicated calculations. Just read the meter in kilowatt hours. Computer readable versions make it even easier.

EZ to Install
No expensive rewiring to set a meter socket. Just mount the meter next to a breaker panel or disconnect with a small conduit between the two. Mount the current transformers in the panel and connect the power. Don't worry about putting the CTs on backwards. The meter figures it out.

EZ to Maintain
Wipe the dust off the front of the display once in a while. There's not much else to do.

EZ on the Bottom Line
Why pay hundreds more for a fancy meter with all the bells and whistles when all you need is kilowatt hours. Customers tell us their electric bills drop so much that the system pays for itself in two or three years because their tenants start to conserve when they have to pay for their power.

EZ to Buy
Use the new Catalog & Online Store to configure a watt hour meter to your exact requirements. The new catalog includes enclosures to hold up to 12 meters. Prices are also shown so you can order your meter today. Pay with PayPal or call us with your credit or debit card numbers.

Dual meter in enclosure 4 Element Pulse Electronics Module
Dual meter in
Interior Enclosure
4 Element Pulse Electronics Module Current Transformers
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Davidge Controls offers EZMeter watt hour meters, marina power meters, and energy monitors
Made in USA

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Interior NEMA4X Enclosure for Five Meters

watt hour meter, watt-hour meters

277/480 Volt, 3-Phase Wye Meter

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Davidge Controls produces revenue grade watt hour meters for marinas, apartments (multi-family housing) and all submtering uses. The meters are available in an OEM version (no enclosure) or in one of several different enclosures (up to 12 meters in one box).

Automatic meter reading (AMR) is supported for radios and other pulse counting systems as well as direct wired through a RS-485 port.